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Bullet RDA

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The Bullet RDA from Sparkle

Product Page

Building on a big success with the CLT atty; Infinite, now Sparkle, has just released a great follow up with the Bullet RDA.

Main Takes:

  • The bullet RDA's internals are precision molded from PEEK thermoplastic, staying stable under heavy heat for extended lifetimes.
  • Customizable 2 level airflow: intake air to the coils and above the cotton are separated, giving you more control over vapor infused air.
  • The swirl ring nicely smooths the vapor flow to maximize the output volume
  • At 29.95 this RDA is a great performer that includes missing features from comparable models in its class

Device Construction

PEEK is a organic thermoplastic that is one of the most robust man made materials around.  This device mixes 303 grade, well machined stainless, and PEEK in a well married match of beauty and being able to take a beating. Just to put this stuff in context they use it to manufacture piston parts, bearings, and even spinal fusion devices. Wow.


The airflow is the most outstanding feature of this device, at 12 different patterns, ultimate configurability is at your fingertips. So wether you're looking for big clouds or that smooth vapor flavor the Bullet has you covered, but if thats not enough the nice people at Sparkle go a step further with a vortex vapor swirl ring that more efficiently moves the vapor to where you want it. Thats right.

Other Items

The 510 connector's threads are well machined and everything about these atomizers is superbly built.

Almost Done!

In conclusion we think that this device is entirely worthy of the price point a solid value right now. We've been doing builds on these devices and they function great. Working on them is relatively easy with their three post design, and if there was any way Sparkle could improve in the future, a four post design would be in order. Overall we give this RDA a 5 out of 5.